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Whose Ill-Gotten Gains?

Stephen Wilmot

Anyone who has benefited from living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, has benefited from the proceeds of slavery. The effect of slavery on the people of Africa and the West Indies (poverty, instability and dislocation) is the shadow side of the prosperity, stability and security that many British people have enjoyed, with occasional interruptions, since the 19th century.

Yesterday in America

Anna Girolami

Yesterday saw one of the worst breaches of security in the history of the United States of America (US). A mob of supporters of the out-going US president, Donald Trump, stormed Capitol Hill. Within the US parliament building itself, the results of last November’s election were being certified.

From zero to hero

Anna Girolami

Life is a zero-sum game. If you win, someone else has to lose. That’s right, isn’t it? More to the point, if someone else wins then you lose. It’s certainly true sometimes.

Justice Trumped

Viv Pointon

Late Monday, Amy Vivian Coney Barrett was confirmed by the United States (US) Senate to fill the vacant seat on the US supreme court, succeeding the internationally lauded Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died in September. The Democrats held a Senate floor sit-in to protest Barrett’s nomination, but they don’t have the numbers to prevent her […]

What has Nagorno Karabakh got to do with us?

Carol Weaver

Events around the small region of Nagorno Karabakh could be a ‘tinder box’ for a wider regional war involving Turkey, Russia and Syrian mercenaries, as well as the main opponents Armenia and Azerbaijan, with Iran watching events closely. But isn’t it all a long way off and yet another former Soviet Union war, though close […]

Leicester, Xinjiang

Simon Ferrigno

forgotten lands on the frontiers of textiles As the US implements a partial ban on cotton from the Xinjiang region of China because of concerns over forced labour and even genocide, recent scandals about low wages and insecure employment in Leicester’s textiles sector seem to have dropped off the radar. But both are symptomatic of […]

Loving badgers

Sally Johnston

My love of badgers began when I was seven on finding a badger’s skull in a Derbyshire wood near my home. I could not have been more excited had I discovered a brontosaurus. In wonder, I stroked the large sagittal crest and carefully manipulated the non-detachable lower jaw. Immediately I felt a transcendental interconnectedness, an […]

Shooting music festivals

Robert Male

Local music festivals have a variety of talented artists from all genres of music depending on the particular festival’s target audience. Very often artists are happy to travel from far afield to places such as Hallaton in the East Midlands to perform to their fans. It is a fantastic privilege for me to be able […]

Time to get extradition right

Stewart Tolley

When Anne Sacoolas drove on ‘the wrong side of the road’ in sleepy, rural Northamptonshire, she was not expecting to kill anyone, but as the tragedy of Harry Dunn’s death shows, this is exactly what happened that fateful day in the summer of 2019.  Since then there has been an extensive battle to try and […]