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Local government breakdown: a sign from Lincoln

Richard Hall

A minor skirmish in the ‘Culture war’ which has altered the landscape in recent years is taking place largely out of sight and mind in Lincoln, a small city which tries to punch above its weight. This skirmish is one sign of local government breakdown.

Local versus Serco

Simon Ferrigno & Lindsay Neil

The national contact tracing system designed to identify and trace those who have been in contact with people infected by Covid-19 continuously failed, but government has continued to pour money into it at the expense of local contact tracing, a responsibility of local government. What is the situation in the East Midlands?

Open letter to East Midlands MPs

Hania Orszulik

Given the magnitude of this issue, it is essential that all MPs hold the government to this commitment to the British people, as stated on page 5 of the 2019 Conservative election manifesto: “Our deal… puts the whole country on a path to a new free trade agreement with the EU. This will be a new relationship based on free trade and friendly cooperation”.

Can Chesterfield be plastic-free?

EM Bylines Team

Chesterfield Borough Council backed going plastic free in 2019 under its climate change policy, having declared a climate emergency in April last year.  It is a move with cross-party support that is currently being pushed again by the Liberal Democrats, whose Glynis Falconer is taking over the mayoralty. (The Borough is Labour controlled). They are […]

Farmers feel abandoned by the Tories

Phil Bennion

In a Farmers Weekly poll last week 98 per cent of respondents had the view that the government does not have farmers’ best interests at heart. Considering that the overwhelming majority of farmers usually vote Tory, this is a resounding condemnation of government policy. The combination of government positions on the Agriculture Bill and the […]

Tractor rally in Melton Mowbray

EM Bylines Team

Melton Mowbray will be full of tractors tomorrow morning (Thursday 29 October) as a ‘socially distanced demonstration’ takes place starting at the cattle market at around 11am. Supporters have been asked to stand outside Ye Olde Pie Shoppe on Nottingham Street from 11:15am for photographs. The ‘Save British Farming’ campaign represents farmers, consumers and members of […]

East Mids MPs won’t help hungry children

EM Bylines Team

The Bylines team was shown this list of MPs and their expenses: It is a list of all MPs who voted against free school meals for children who need them, during school breaks. The vote took place in the House of Commons on 21 October during an opposition day debate. Nicky Morgan, now a […]

A view from the street: proposed reforms to the planning system

Carolyn Thornborow

This photograph shows the first (and often only) notice that most of us ever have of a planning application in our neighbourhood. It’s an A4 piece of paper tied to a lamppost with a bit of string, at roughly the level of most people’s eyesight. But for how much longer? The authors of the government’s […]

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