Author: Carol Weaver

Dr Carol Weaver is a former academic writer and university teacher, mainly focussed on Politics, European Security and the Black Sea Region. She has lived in the East Midlands for over 20 years and has stood as a parliamentary candidate. Currently, Carol is the Chair of Leicestershire and Rutland European Movement and the Editor of East Midlands Bylines.

What has Nagorno Karabakh got to do with us?

Carol Weaver

Events around the small region of Nagorno Karabakh could be a ‘tinder box’ for a wider regional war involving Turkey, Russia and Syrian mercenaries, as well as the main opponents Armenia and Azerbaijan, with Iran watching events closely. But isn’t it all a long way off and yet another former Soviet Union war, though close […]

Rules of origin and the last Brexit straw

Carol Weaver

There are now less than 90 days left until we leave the single market and customs union. Yes, we left the EU at the end of January and lost our MEPs and our influence in Europe, but the actual effect of leaving will be enormous come 2021, especially without a good deal. Tory backbenchers are […]

Populists, libertarians, kleptocrats … and where to find them

Carol Weaver

Forget traditional conservatives, socialists and liberals! We are in a new era now. The West is influencing the world with its liberal democracy, values and human rights far less than it once did and these aspects of freedom are being eroded at home too with regular attacks on democracy within the UK. Only the EU […]

Whoops democracy!

Carol Weaver

Just like that! Magic! Now you see it, now you don’t. The sleight of hand of this government probably knows no equal. Our prime minister can even make himself disappear for long periods at a time – or indeed be in several places or states at a time, like a Schrödinger’s PM. Note the regular […]